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We think you have what it takes! We see you and all your skills. And we need you on the team! Would you consider joining the Alive Team to help us continue to reach more families?  

The Alive Team is the most fun-loving, faith-filled, mission-minded teams you'll ever be a part of! There is nothing more fulfilling than using your gifts and talents along side a bunch of fun friends to build Jesus’ Church! Whether you like to work with kids, make coffee, make new friends, play music, work with your hands, make others feel welcome, work with tech equipment, or one of dozens of other roles - there is a place for you on the team!

Join the Alive Team today! Let's help others come alive! 

Common Questions about Alive Team: 

  • Do I have to serve every Sunday?
    • Nope! Just every other week!
  • Do I have to get here super early?
    • Different roles have different arrival times. Most volunteers arrive at 8:30am, but the portability, food, coffee teams arrives at 7am.
  • What do I do about my young kids?
    • Alive Team kids love getting to church early to hang out with their church friends before service. The kids attend a mini Alive Team service with you, and then get checked-in early to play. 
  • Where would I serve?
    • We would want to plug you into an area that will energize you.
    • Here is a list of our Sunday morning volunteer teams:
      • Greeters
      • Ushers
      • Kids (Nursery, Preschool, Elementary)
      • Portability (Set-up/Tear-down)
      • Security
      • Parking Lot
      • Coffee
      • Food
      • Media Tech (Audio, Visual, Lights)
      • Altar Prayer Team
      • Kiosk/First Time Family
      • Welcome Table
      • Worship
      • Photography
      • Videography
      • Production
  • How do I join?


Do you have a passion for worship and have a musical gift that you would like to use to serve God? We are always looking to grow and train new worship leaders. If you would like more information about joining the worship team, email Or, if you would like to start the application process today, you can fill out the Alive Team Worship Application below.