Join us Sundays in July as we watch scenes from our favorite family-friendly movies, eat popcorn in service, and talk about the timeless truths found in these epic blockbuster hits! 

Each Sunday there will be a new character in the lobby that your children can meet and take photos with too! Elementary students will have worship & games in their classroom first and then join the adult service for the movie & message. Preschool & Nursery classrooms will have special superhero-themed programming for young children to enjoy too! 

Sundays 10am at Scranton Middle School

July 8th - The Incredibles

July 15th - Cinderella (2015)

July 22nd - The Greatest Showman

July 29th - Moana 

What else should I expect? 

First off, just come as you are! People can get weird about church sometimes, but we are not that way. Just be you, dress like you, talk like you and you will be welcomed with open arms. 

You might want more details about what to expect though, check-out these links below to get more a feel for what to expect! We are excited to see you this Sunday!

See you Sunday!! It is going to be so much fun!!

Check out our Instagram feed below to get a vibe before you visit too! (you can check us out on facebook too!)

Look forward to having you join us! 

We would love to meet you at The Scoop after service too! You can grab a scoop (of ice cream that is!) & get the scoop (basically a hello and we are glad to meet you) - this is a casual meet & greet with free ice cream at cafe tables in lobby after service for people who are new to Alive. 

Here is what some people are saying about their experience at Alive....

"Leaving church service today feeling refreshed! This place is easily the most welcoming church I’ve ever been to and we’re excited to continue coming."

"I am feeling a lot more positive these days thanks to Alive. Never have I ever felt this comfortable with church."

"You guys are doing church right - with the 'come as you are' culture" 

“I never wanted to wake up early on Sundays and go to a place where I learned nothing and sit there and color on the the handouts. I’ve cried almost every week at Alive. I just feel so overjoyed and loved when I step in the doors. Jesus is there and I’ve only ever actually felt Jesus in one other place before. I used to never raise my hands while singing, but at Alive I do. I’ve been bringing my journal and taking notes during service, and every week I take up the whole page and more...I’m happy I found a church!"

"I have never served at any church before, but when I came to Alive I knew I wanted to put roots down here right away. I love the sense of community ... I especially love the vibe of having two pastors who grew up in Brighton and really portray a "come as you are" mentality. These are real people with real love for others."

"I have been changing for God and myself to become better! I am praying more and reading my Bible more because of you and this church! Thank you for starting this and making it feel so much like home and more"

See you Sunday! Looking forward to having you join us!