Our Vibe


Our Vibe


Friendly / down-to-earth / faith-filled / kind / passionate

We simply believe that people matter & Jesus is alive. And, we believe church should feel like home & feel like family.


helping people know God personally & live for him passionately



We see a large family church that is alive. 

A friendly gathering place where people get to know Jesus.

A loving family in which people grow in the Lord.

And a passionate movement where empowered believers serve their generation well.



  • Jesus: is our everything / He is our friend, our Savior, our Lord. He is our priority. He is our everything.

  • People: are in our heart / People matter. People are eternal. So, our hearts are burdened for them, and we are always aware of the "one".

  • Love: is our action / We are loved by God, so we love God and people.

  • The Word: is our guide / We live by the Word - it is truth, it is alive, and it is our guide.

  • The Church: is alive / Jesus loves the Church. Jesus died for the Church. Jesus is building the Church. We love what Jesus loves & build what He builds. Church is alive & fun!

  • Faith: is our response / Faith is the currency of the Kingdom of God. Therefore, faith is our response - our action to the Word of God.

  • Generosity: is our lifestyle / God gave, so we give. We live with open hands.

  • Teamwork: is our attitude / We are unified team players with positive attitudes and words.

  • Excellence: is our culture / We give God our best, and believe that an organized, excellent church culture honors God and people.